Galapagos Big15

"It’s quite simple: The more iconic species you see on the Galapagos Islands, the more rewarding and memorable your experience will be!"

When it comes to wildlife, no place on Earth compares to the Galapagos Islands. Lumbering giant tortoises and curious sea lion pups amid dramatic volcanic landscapes let you feel what it was like before humans emerged on the planet. The vast diversity of animal life is what attracts visitors to this remote paradise. But the islands are far-flung, spread out over 138,000 Km2 (53,300 mi2), and impressing explorers from all corners of the World.

Because of this vastness, deciding where to go and what to observe in the archipelago can be quite a challenge. To tailor our itineraries and enable guests to absorb the best balance of Galapagos wildlife, we sought consensus among scholars, our Naturalist Guides and island connoisseurs to choose the archipelago’s most unique and fascinating wildlife. The list resulted in our BIG 15, and it captures the most iconic Galapagos wildlife. This is how explorers choose the ultimate voyage, and here we unfold for you the great features and greatness of the BIG 15.

Galapagos Photo Big15